Saint-Gobain Autover (ENG)

Client: Autover      |      Project: Innovation Event      |      Output: Expo with Google Glass Experience

Showing the future of glass fitting within the automotive industry? This is possible. Put on the Google Glass glasses, step into the experience of the glass fitter and see the entire process through a different lens.

HITT Group (ENG)

Client: HITT      |      Project: Online Experience      |      Output: Experience Website

A publicly traded company eager to showcase its expertise in crafting intricate navigation equipment for airports, coastguards, and harbors. Enter our immersive experience website: a platform where each product is vividly displayed in its true environment, complete with detailed explanations. Dive into the world of HITT.


Client: UNIT4 Software      |      Project: World Cup Soccer App      |      Means: Native app

The goal is positive brand appreciation. The target audience mainly consists of men. Think of something in a World Cup soccer year? Hmmm, challenging. Oh wait, not really. And thus, the World Cup soccer app from UNIT4 was born.

T-Mobile (ENG)

Client: T-Mobile Netherlands      |      Project: Network Awareness Campaign      |      Medium: Film

T-Mobile has worked diligently to create the best network in the Netherlands. It’s a technical achievement of an exceptional level. But how do you explain that effectively while keeping the viewer engaged? By finding a perfect balance between atmospheric visuals and educational animation.

Sekurit Partner (ENG)

Client: Saint-Gobain      |      Project: Promotion for Sekurit Partner      |      Output: Film

Sekurit Partner is akin to Europe’s ‘BOVAG’ for all glass installation professionals. Joining their ranks is akin to achieving excellence in top-level sports. RebelNation took inspiration from Formula 1 racing, where only the best performance can secure a pole position.

Dobla (ENG)

Client: Dobla      |      Project: Dobla 3D experience      |      Output: Film

How do you present Dobla’s new Chef’s collection to pastry chefs on a silver platter? With this delightfull 3D animation, your mouth will water (Now without glasses, so no 3D).