Feijenoord Stadium (ENG)

Client: Stadion Feijenoord      |      Project:Anniversary book      |      Output: Book

Stadion feijenoord. What a stadium and what a history. The stadium where our club became champion. Surely such a stadium deserves the thickest book in the Netherlands. In which the rich history, all the facts, most beautiful images and stories are included.

Sekurit (ENG)

Client: Sekurit      |      Project: Themed Campaign      |      Medium: Online and Print

Automotive glass accounts for 70% of the structural integrity of a modern vehicle. 1 in 2 cars across Europe boasts Sekurit glass. Remarkably, there’s hardly any premium product as understated and omnipresent as Sekurit.


Client: UNIT4 Software      |      Project: World Cup Soccer App      |      Means: Native app

The goal is positive brand appreciation. The target audience mainly consists of men. Think of something in a World Cup soccer year? Hmmm, challenging. Oh wait, not really. And thus, the World Cup soccer app from UNIT4 was born.

Rabobank (ENG)

Client: Rabobank      |      Project: Corporate Communications      |      Output: On- and offline communications

From product brochures to periodicals. From E-magazines to campaigns. For more than 10 years, Patrick Hamers has shaped the Rabobank brand.
Including Rabobank bankcards. In which it was necessary to search for the design leeway within all technical conditions.
With proofing processes in Spain and England. A priceless experience and creative challenge we’ll say.

Kennisnet (ENG)

Client: Kennisnet      |      Project: Company trailer      |      Output: Film

Whereas children now operate a tablet before they take their first steps, education often lags behind in terms of digital innovations. For years, Kennisnet has been making efforts to change this, now successfully.