Rotterdampas (ENG)

Client: Municipality of Rotterdam      |      Project: Campaign Rotterdampas      |      Output: Online and print

Great to promote your birth city, including an extensive collection of postcards and bus shelters. Discounts on everything fun. A slightly magical realistic and humorous approach provided the impact.

Sekurit (ENG)

Client: Sekurit      |      Project: Themed Campaign      |      Medium: Online and Print

Automotive glass accounts for 70% of the structural integrity of a modern vehicle. 1 in 2 cars across Europe boasts Sekurit glass. Remarkably, there’s hardly any premium product as understated and omnipresent as Sekurit.

Holland America Line (ENG)

Client: Holland America Line      |      Project: Cruise Experience      |      Media: Event, Commercial & Film

Sometimes, we creators truly have the best job in the world. Crafting a campaign for a cruise company? Sun, sea, and stunning locations. Believe it or not, we put in some serious work too.

Sekurit Partner (ENG)

Client: Saint-Gobain      |      Project: Promotion for Sekurit Partner      |      Output: Film

Sekurit Partner is akin to Europe’s ‘BOVAG’ for all glass installation professionals. Joining their ranks is akin to achieving excellence in top-level sports. RebelNation took inspiration from Formula 1 racing, where only the best performance can secure a pole position.