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Every company is unique

Every business has its own fingerprint and oh, the stories they tell! A thriving organization isn’t just born – it’s propelled by a mighty inner drive. Different journeys, each with unique tales, yet our clients share a common spirit. They are in tune with their identity and stand firm in their convictions, balancing confidence without tipping into arrogance. For them, identity isn’t just key – it’s the whole lock, equally vital as those ambitious targets they set. That’s why, time and again, they seek that perfect harmony between brand and marketing with RebelNation by their side. Where brand intertwines with experience, RebelNation takes residence. With genuine passion for the brand and a discerning eye for social engagement, we continually push the envelope, delivering communication that resonates. RebelNation: Navigating communications with finesse on the edge.

RebelNation | Communication on the edge

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Where Familiarity Meets Wonder

At RebelNation, we hold a staunch belief that two seemingly polar opposites largely dictate how you, as a company or organization, present yourself to the world. Think of it as yin & yang, or even Batman & The Joker.

Recognition and Surprise. Brand and Marketing. We’re firmly convinced that it’s the interplay between these two elements that takes center stage. Establishing a potent brand heavily leans on recognition. Communicating explicitly from your core engenders a sense of trust. That trust morphs clients into fans and cultivates loyal employees. On the other hand, surprise serves as the catalyst, propelling things into motion. Surprise your customers, give them a good shake, but don’t spook them.

By being true to who you are, yet consistently offering a fresh angle, your brand remains vibrantly alive! Balancing brand and marketing. Recognition and surprise as a victorious duo. Driven by this philosophy, RebelNation develops compelling concepts for brands, both towering and petite.


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Babette Fontein

Account Director

A brand strategist with vision and, when necessary, a pitbull-account director who knows the ropes. With her heart for the essence, a sense for design, and an unrelentingly sharp eye for detail, Babette is an effective sounding board for creation.

Patrick Hamers

Creative Director - Founder

After more than 30 years of experience in the field and leading creative teams at various creative agencies, it was time to establish RebelNation. Armed with a wealth of experience, infectious enthusiasm, and imagination, this decisive, rebellious creative advocates for both small and large brands.   

All the splendid projects over the past years would have been pipe dreams without a squadron of specialists by our side. These free-spirited rebels advocate just as fervently for our clients on the daily.


Voor het mooiste merk van Nederland mogen werken vanaf de introductie van de huisstijl tot heden (Rabobank). Dan heb je iets dat anderen niet hebben. Dan moet je weten hoe je van een lastig verhaal een beeldverhaal kan maken. Van een brochurelijn tot een passenlijn. Ik kan hem je aanraden!

Gert van der Ros, Producer bij The Picture Projects

Patrick zijn designkwaliteiten zijn zeldzaam. Als geen ander weet hij met z’n ontwerpen, door hemzelf of onder zijn supervisie gemaakt, doelgroepen te raken.

Danny Romeijn, Partner PPT Solutions

RebelNation toont de wereld de visie van RADAR software. Ons verhaal verteld in krachtige beeldtaal.

Brigitte Buntinx, Mede-eigenaar RADAR software


Imagine being a brand, in this era of boundless possibilities.

Technology envelops us, a pivotal component in our daily lives. Can you picture sitting in a breathtaking rollercoaster, then donning a VR headset for an extra dash of thrill?

For RebelNation, technology will never be the starting point. But, oh, we love wielding it to continually bridge the gap between the brand and the audience, ensuring perpetual surprise. Phygital thinking demands pushing boundaries. After all, it’s the memories that count, in everything we do!


Lift your story off the ground! With RebelNation’s extensive arsenal of professional camera drones, we take aerial photography and filming to new heights while narrating your story from a unique perspective.


Meet REBEL, your new robotic ally in enhancing brand and customer engagement. Beyond being a showstopper at expos, this socially adept life-size 12kg robotic dog guarantees memorable, authentic interactions across various platforms, sprinkling a dash of magic wherever you are!


Embark on the ultimate ‘virtual tour’ of your showroom, escape room, or warehouse. With our Insta360 Pro 8K camera, we morph every space into a stunning Google Street View experience, turning a virtual stroll through your venue into a true spectacle.


Transparent 3D animations, as if emerging from a hologram. It’s possible! With our specially developed mobile HoloVision units, you’re ensuring a genuine ‘wow’ factor at every expo. Each unit comes meticulously equipped with your custom-designed 3D animation.


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