Client: Milieudienst Rijnmond      |      Project: Educational game      |      Output: Phygital game


The DCMR contributes to reducing the environmental burden and increasing the environmental quality and safety in the Rijnmond area. A service that is more than necessary in the densely populated Rijnmond area given the jumble of activity on the small piece of earth.

But the DCMR, especially for young people, is not entirely “visible. And it may also be unclear to this group of people exactly what the service does and how.
The exhibition at the EIC, therefore, offers the ideal combination of ‘fact’ and ‘fun’: in the right setting (the port of Rotterdam and its densely populated surroundings) schoolchildren are made aware of the ins and outs of our port area in an interactive and exciting way.

The DCMR Experience is a phygital game played by one visitor at a time. It brings the work of the DCMR into focus in a thought-provoking and interactive way. After playing the game, the visitor has a good impression of what the environmental department does, why and how.

To complete the experience, the game takes place in a model of a spectacular DCMR bus. The flashing lights on the roof add to the experience.

Dobla (ENG)

Client: Dobla      |      Project: Dobla 3D experience      |      Output: Film

How do you present Dobla’s new Chef’s collection to pastry chefs on a silver platter? With this delightfull 3D animation, your mouth will water (Now without glasses, so no 3D).