Portfolio Masonry Boxed

Rotterdampas (ENG)

Client: Municipality of Rotterdam      |      Project: Campaign Rotterdampas      |      Output: Online and print

Great to promote your birth city, including an extensive collection of postcards and bus shelters. Discounts on everything fun. A slightly magical realistic and humorous approach provided the impact.

Feijenoord Stadium (ENG)

Client: Stadion Feijenoord      |      Project:Anniversary book      |      Output: Book

Stadion feijenoord. What a stadium and what a history. The stadium where our club became champion. Surely such a stadium deserves the thickest book in the Netherlands. In which the rich history, all the facts, most beautiful images and stories are included.


Klant: Dobla      |      Project: Dobla 3D ervaring      |      Middelen: Film

Hoe presenteer je Dobla’s nieuwe Chef-collectie op een zilveren schaal aan banketbakkers? Met deze smaakvolle 3D-animatie loopt het water je in de mond (Nu zonder bril, dus geen 3D).

Saint-Gobain Autover (ENG)

Client: Autover      |      Project: Innovation Event      |      Output: Expo with Google Glass Experience

Showing the future of glass fitting within the automotive industry? This is possible. Put on the Google Glass glasses, step into the experience of the glass fitter and see the entire process through a different lens.

HITT Group (ENG)

Client: HITT      |      Project: Online Experience      |      Output: Experience Website

A publicly traded company eager to showcase its expertise in crafting intricate navigation equipment for airports, coastguards, and harbors. Enter our immersive experience website: a platform where each product is vividly displayed in its true environment, complete with detailed explanations. Dive into the world of HITT.

Sekurit (ENG)

Client: Sekurit      |      Project: Themed Campaign      |      Medium: Online and Print

Automotive glass accounts for 70% of the structural integrity of a modern vehicle. 1 in 2 cars across Europe boasts Sekurit glass. Remarkably, there’s hardly any premium product as understated and omnipresent as Sekurit.